Meet our team

Matthew Girgenti, PhD

Principal Investigator

My research over the past 5 years has focused on postmortem studies of human brain in PTSD and related complex behavioral disorders. I’m a molecular neuroscientist interested in functional genomics and big data approaches to understanding molecular signatures of neuropsychiatric disease. I live on a horse farm in southwest Connecticut with my wife and two kids.



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Catharine Duman, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

I use immunohistochemistry and confocal imaging in post-mortem human brains to investigate neuronal proteins that might be important to PTSD and depression. My previous work focused on developing and implementing methods for morphological analysis of dendritic spines and synaptic proteins in rat brains. I love the outdoors and when not at the microscope, I hope to be on a bike or planting trees. 


Jiawei Wang, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Vena Martinez, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate(co-mentored with Dr. Che)

Rosemarie Terwilliger

Research Associate

Alexa-Nicole Leverington

Research Associate

As a research associate I am a jack-of-all-trades, but most of the projects I have been involved with investigate Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I perform molecular and behavioral studies and am learning more about genomics.  When I have free time I like to hike, snowboard, rock climb, play guitar, and the list goes on.


Tuan Nguyen

Postgraduate Associate

I want to understand the pathogenesis of psychiatric diseases using multiple approaches. My current focus is -omics data analysis. Outside the lab, I'm a traveler and a binge-watcher.


Delaney McRiley

Postgraduate Associate

Yujing Liu

Postgraduate Associate

Lab Alumni

PhD Student:

Eddie Li: Department of Biostatistics, 2023

Current Position: Research Data Scientist, Google